2023: A New Nigeria Assured With GYB as A Choice

2023: A New Nigeria Assured With GYB as A Choice

By Mrs Eki Fester

As Nigerians especially the youth of this country agitate for a Youthful President come 2023, deciding on which candidate to support and vote as president is simply a matter of party affiliation for many people.

However, we must understand that the value of leadership is trust, the power of leadership is integrity and the vehicle of leadership is empathy.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you’re a leader. Innovation is what distinguishes between a Leader and a follower.

Without mincing words, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Executive, Governor Kogi State has overtime proven beyond reasonable doubt that he’s an innovative, inspirational and Visionary Leader. GYB as he is fondly referred has overtime Distinguished himself from his counterpart in the Nation’s politics and as concerned citizen of this country, we’re very confident that a new Nigeria is possible and visible with GYB as president of this country.

This is because he will no doubt inspire and do more for Nigerians particularly within the Youths and Women demography as is presently witnessed in Kogi State where the Youths and Women are not only leaders now but are the kings and queens.

Successful people build others, they inspire, motivate and push the children of nobody’s to a greater height. This is what GYB has done in Kogi State by building, motivating and inspiring the youth of Kogi State to a greater heights through various appointments and electives positions without identifying any godfatherism attached to any of them.

GYB is an optimist, an epitome of hope, great achiever, bridge builder, a great unifier, simple, dogged, gifted, passionate, dedicated, a political hero with vision and mission to effectively serve and will ensure an indivisible, united, greater and better Nigeria.

Everyone can be a leader but only a selected few can become greater leaders whose mention of their names will symbolize exceptional leadership that are synonymous with great accomplishment.

GYB is a great leader whose hallmarks is always to lead his team to success regardless of any situation and he has demonstrated this amongst the crops of leaders that he’s a great leader whose honesty and transparency is second to none.

Some persons are making noise in the town just to achieve or get some unmerited, undeserved and cheap popularity claiming that GYB is a friend to enemies of President Muhammad Buhari and as such must be suspended from the party.

Though we the Youth are not worried about their negative views on Media and off the media about our clarion call for GYB to run. This is because when the debate is lost, the slander becomes the tools of the loser.

I want to ask some questions which demands an answer from some of you who are still sitting on the fence either watching on how GYB will win or how you’re going to run away when he has become President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Where were you when GYB presented himself as a sacrificial lamb for the Youths during the Endsars Protest ?, where were you when GYB presented himself as a bridge between the bourgoises and the proletarians?, The Marchant of coronavirus in Nigeria for the common man is another critical areas that GYB has Distinguished himself from others and his postulations are manifesting everyday.

According to Aristotle ” it is not enough to win a war; it is more important to organize the peace” on this note, GYB as a proactive leader who believes in the peaceful coexistence of every citizens in Nigeria organized a peaceful settlement between the Amalgamated union of foodstuffs and cattle dealers Association of Nigeria and some part of the nation. This effort has averted another war in this country and that proactive and timely move has attracted so many accolades from various organizations, from political leaders, religious leaders and critical stakeholders from the nook and crannies of Nigeria and in diaspora.

According to margaret thatcher ” Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.” My dear people of Nigerians, GYB possesses so many qualities that makes him a great leader and that includes: agility, accessible, bold, brave, Charismatic, Energetic, Eloquence, Egalitarianism, fearless, patriotic, integrity, Visionary, Competent, detribalised, youthful, focused, simple, vocal and vibrant.

For those who are still standing aloof, this train is moving fast, join or park aside, don’t stand as an obstacle or stand in the middle of the road, if not you’ll be crushed or knocked down.

For those who are the leaders of tommorow, it’s “youth O’clock” and GYB is our torchbearer, the bridge builder, the unifier and the key to a New, greater and better Nigeria come 2023 by the Grace of God, his good works and the Clarion call of majority Nigerians.

By Mrs Eki Fester,
Is a public affairs commentator,
Writes From Benin, Edo State.

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