2023: Emefiele Mobilization Team lauds CSOs’ leadership over expulsion of erring members

2023: Emefiele Mobilization Team lauds CSOs’ leadership over expulsion of erring members

The Emefiele Mobilization Team (EMT), has commended the Coordinating Centre of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Nigeria, for the expulsion of erring members over the smear campaign against the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Dr Godwin Emefiele.

The EMT is a group of patriots under the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) who have been calling on Emefiele to run for the 2023 presidential election.

The CSOs had in an online publication accused the CBN Governor of of compromising the apex bank through his political activities.

The EMT Publicity Secretary, Comrade Shaibu Udale Ochedi, in statement on Monday in Lokoja, extolled the leadership of the mainstream CSOs for the expulsion of the erring group to salvage its reputation.

”When we warned and advised the merchants of political propaganda to return what they were paid for the bad job well executed, they thought we merely mischievously blabbed.

”But, not even up to 72 hours of our professionally godly advice, the Coordinating Centre of Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria, found it expediently pertinent to sack the group of political merchants from the body of civil society organisations.

”Perhaps, the coordinating centre of the CSOs just realized the monumental liabilities rather than assets that the trio of Ariyo-Atoye, Onuwubiko and Giwa Victor and their likes have been to the soundly constituted body of CSOs in Nigeria. Well, it is better late than never!

”That, the mainstream CSOs went on to lampoon the ill-lconceived smear campaign on the person of Emefiele leaves us with the hope that there are still credible Nigerians amongst these well known “Conscience For Sale” individuals masquerading as advocate of the masses”, Ochedi said.

He noted that Emefiele had made policies in the area of education, health, agriculture, industry and social credits have brought about positive transformation in these sectors and strengthened the Nigerian economy.

He recalled that Emefiele made Zenith Bank one of the biggest in Nigeria today from his days as Managing Director, adding that his professional acumen brought about the introduction of first Central Bank Digital Currency by any country in Africa.

He emphasized that the Apex Bank Governor also introduced the e-naira which has improved payment system in Nigeria, reduced cost of handling cash, and more efficient and cost effective means of payment.

The publicity secretary further stressed that the renown banker has successfully promoted financial inclusion across board, and ensured a stronger banking system since assuming Office as Governor of the CBN.

According to him, the CBN Governor has embarked on development financing with a view to providing credit support to Agriculture, Energy, Health Sector etc,, and had recently orchestrated the lunch of the largest Rice Pyramid in West Africa.

He, therefore said that one would have expected that an astute professional like Emefiele in his line of job should have been excluded from the dust-filled, reckless stone-throwing and pull-to-the-gutters style of politics that has characterized the body polity.

”But, because some conscienceless wolves in sheep clothing must pay their bills, hence, all these achievements do not matter to them.

”Let it be known however, that whatever their shades of attacks on Mr Emefiele, previously and in the nearest future, we, in the EMT remain unperturbed, undeterred and resolutely firm in our push to convince him to run for the highest position in the land.

”And until our call for this national good is heeded by Mr Emefiele to contest for President of Nigeria, no amount of politically contrived machinations shall properly get our response.

”Until then, our prayers remain that, Mr Godwin Emefiele, the best hand for Nigeria we have identified, accepts our national clarion call.

”The more their self-styled distraction, the more the push from us because we are well informed to know that which is right for our dear country and peoples,” he said.

When God WINS, We WIN!


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