Africa U17 Nations Cup: CAF’s Samira Ounas bars African scouts, open doors for European scouts to Morocco

Africa U17 Nations Cup: CAF’s Samira Ounas bars African scouts, open doors for European scouts to Morocco

As the forthcoming Africa U-17 Cup of Nations begins in Morocco later this month, top football scouts across African continent are finding it difficult to be given accreditation in order to carry out scouting responsibilities as directed by their various employers; in this case, Football clubs.

Reliably, renowned football scouts in Africa who contacted the Head of DGS office for Football and Development of CAF, SAMIRA OUNAS in a bid to officially apply for the tournament’s accreditation were shocked when she expressly told them Confederation of Africa, CAF would not permit their ilks but preference will be given to European football scouts.

According to ‘’on the record’’ sources; SAMIRA OUNAS have the gumption to ridicule two of the African scouts who are nationals of Senegal and Benin republic respectively.

‘’I humbly placed a call to her regarding CAF’s accreditation for interested football scouts and she openly said, we are not making arrangements for anyone coming from Africa except those outside this continent.

“I even tried to know the rationale behind such an irresponsible decision but she rudely hung up the call along the lines and never picked thereafter’’. Diouf Diara recounted disappointedly.

Also sharing his disappointing experience with the DGS office for Football and Development of CAF was Saliu Mohammed, who bemoaned the unprofessional attitude of SAMIRA OUNAS while describing as unfit to have headed such a vital position in CAF.

‘’From the stead of a club scout, I engaged her on phone in respect to getting accreditation for the Under 17 tournaments in Morocco; she overtly and repeatedly told me African scouts are not going to be allowed to be part of this edition of CAF U-17 Championship and implicitly said, her office would only entertain European football scouts.

‘’What is more insanely annoying was her chutzpah to say African scouts and football agents are barred from discharging their duties when the event kicks off 13th of March, 2021 but considered giving European scouts accreditation in an African football tourney’’ he lamentedly explained.

As a reputable media organization, we gathered Egyptian- SAMIRA OUNAS, has rich curriculum vitae; having worked at different international organizations.

This is a lady who studied Taxation, Commerce and International Law in France; however, her terrible idiosyncrasy while dealing with the issue of diplomacy, makes one question the racistic resolve by not allowing African scouts and football agents to be accredited for the African under 17 Nations Cup in Morocco, except European scouts.

What is more disgusting and saddening about her decision to irresponsibly restrict African scouts and Football Agents is that, the same Confederation of Africa Football (CAF), accredited a huge number of African scouts at the just concluded CAF Under 20 African Cup of Nations in Mauritania.

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