Approval for Establishment of Medicine and Engineering Programs: Abraham Jacob Commends Prof. Akinwumi, FUL Senate

Approval for Establishment of Medicine and Engineering Programs: Abraham Jacob Commends Prof. Akinwumi, FUL Senate

Following the recent approval of the establishment of Medicine and Engineering Programs in Federal University Lokoja(FUL), by the Senate of the institution at its just concluded 61st (Special) meeting held on Thursday, 27th May, 2021, at the Senate Chamber Adankolo campus, Comrade Jacob Abraham Damilare has expressed endless joy and satisfaction with the institution and has also described the Vice Chancellor Professor Olayemi Akinwumi’s led Administration as a purposeful, result oriented and foresighted administration noted that within the Vice Chancellor’s few months of resumption into office, the institution has recorded nothing other than commendable achievements ranging from uplifting students and staff welfares, academic standard improvements, speed of light infrastructural developments to mention but a few.

Comrade Abraham while commending the foresightedness of Professor Akinwumi and the Senate of the institution, pointed out part of the benefits these newly approved programmes will attract to the institution and the State in general.

According to him, upon the commencement of these programs, Federal University Lokoja will in no doubt be seen to be one of the world class matured Tertiary Institutions.

Medicine and Engineering are one of those programs that helps a university to be ranked with the world class standard. Hence, Federal University Lokoja, will in no distant time enjoy this same ranking privilege amongst leagues of Universities in Nigeria and around the globe.

“Professor Akinwumi has further proven to us that his appointment as the Vice Chancellor of the over 10 Years Old Citadel of learning is not a misplacement of priority instead it is a perfect definition of the phrase “Putting a round peg in a round hole”.

“The Vice Chancellor’s forethoughtful nature upon assumption of office has been nothing but impeccable, commendable and highly fruitful to say the least”.

As a Unionist, Comrade said he must commend Prof. Akinwumi for his drive to take Federal University Lokoja into meeting up with the league of mature Universities.

It takes only a man of deep passion for greatness to push such a drive and get it achieved particularly within a very short time frame.

Judging from the recent remarkable achievements recorded so far, Comrade Abraham urged the members of the Senate, students and government at all levels to join hands with Professor Akinwumi in actualizing his already approved 5 years Action Plan for the institution whilst expressing optimism that those plans will in no doubt spur the institution into an enviable peak amongst leagues of matured Universities.

Comrade also appealed that the Senate and Prof. Akinwumi’s led Administration of Federal University Lokoja, should also look into the approval of “The Faculty of Law in addition to the already approved programmes”.

According to him, this will complement the movement of the institution into meeting with matured Universities. “When this institution have the combination of Medicine, Engineering and law added with the already existing faculties, you can imagine what Federal University Lokoja will metamorphose into in the nearest of time; It will be one of the best things that could ever happen to the students community.., offering of opportunities across various fields of disciplines”.

He also applauded the presentations made by the two eminent scholars at the floor of the Senate; Professor Ozovehe Mike Ogirima, a Professor of Medicine from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and Professor Abdulateef O. Onundi, a Professor of Engineering from the University of Maiduguri who were invited on sabbatical to co-ordinate and anchor the two programs for the university and whose brilliant presentations precedes the approval of the programs by the Senate.

“This great development will give greater opportunities to our Kogi State indigenous students to pursue their dreams in the study of Medicine and Engineering without necessarily leaving the State judging from the current state of insecurity in the country and with Kogi State being the second most peaceful State in Nigeria. This is just the perfect time for these programs to come to fruition in the State”.

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