Banditry: Please concentrate on corrupt politicians, leave students, innocent masses alone

Banditry: Please concentrate on corrupt politicians, leave students, innocent masses alone

By Abraham Jacob

With the recent happening on Insecurity in the country, Abraham Jacob a concerned students’ leader has appealed to bandits in the country to leave students alone as their victims and redirect their targets to politicians who are the main reasons why the multiple resources in the country are not evenly distributed therefore leaving innocent hardworking employable men, women and youths to indulge in acts that basically threatens the existence of law and orderliness in the country.

Abraham said that students can not meet the demands of these bandits with the popular identity of “Unknown Gunmen”, hence students in their innocence should not be mapped out as their targets for kidnapping and banditry.

“It is so unfair that these kidnappers in the guise of unknown gunmen are making life so unbearable for the average Nigerian students in their respective citadel of learning”.

This to say the least is absolutely unfair to the students community.

We do not know the reasons for all of these high increase in insecurity in the country but the average Nigerian is not unaware that all of these boils down to political score counts from corrupt politicians. Students should not be used as the sacrificial lamb in all of these.

“Bandits should therefore go after Politicians for they are the sole solution providers to the problems bedeviling our country”.

Comr. Abraham who pointed at the sad incident of kidnapping of an undisclosed numbers of students of Greenfield University and the subsequent killings of over five of them by their kidnappers who according to the news made available to the public are demanding for a ransom of over 800 Million Naira, the kidnapping of Students of Forestry College Kaduna despite the institution’s compound closeness to a military academy, noted that Armed groups have repeatedly struck northern Nigerian schools and universities since December 2020, abducting more than 700 students for ransom.

This he described as a threat to our freedom to life and Education in the country, stating that instead of going after innocent students in their respective educational Institutes, bandits should concentrate more on corrupt politicians for they are the reasons why the center no longer holds for Nigerians in Nigeria.

“Corrupt politicians are the ones hoarding our country’s resources alone to themselves and their families, should you go after them, we can be sure that they will no longer amass the lean resources of the country. Please leave students and the poor masses alone”.

Abraham Jacob writes from Lokoja, Kogi State.

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