‘Diabetes is the Mother of Diseases we battle’ – Expert revealed

‘Diabetes is the Mother of Diseases we battle’ – Expert revealed

The Founder of Ayodele Herbals and Ayodele Clinic in Nigeria, Dr. Isaac Ayodele has identified basic steps of reversing Diabetes Naturally.

Dr. Ayodele disclosed this at a Webinar session titled “Reversing Diabetes Naturally”.

According to him; “The bad news is Diabetes is deadly. It affects every organ. It has killed millions. The good news is, it can be cured, naturally and permanently”.

High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Cancer and loads of other diseases can be traced to diabetes.

Ayodele, who fought and won a battle with Type 2 diabetes said some of the symptoms he had were blurred vision, urinating profusely, dehydration, excessive thirst, tiredness and wounds that Doctors said could not be healed.

“I was scared at a point when doctor pronounced that I would manage it (wounds) till I die. This got me worried and determined to reverse the diabetes at all cost. In desperation, I went into research in Public health at Atlantic International University Honolulu, Hawaii USA.”

“This helped me and my numerous clients globally,” he said.

Ayodele stated that Diabetes is not sugar level disease but rather insulin resistance.

“The high sugar level is only a symptom not the disease so in the course of treatment, our goal of Diabetes Reversal therapy is to decrease insulin for type 2. This is possible no matter your age.

“My personal experience and testimonies from my numerous clients show that it is easy to get diabetes reversed. To reverse type-2 diabetes, you can eat a meal a day for three times each week, but the most excellent way is to stop eating at 5.00 pm until the next day at about 1.00 pm. This will be by about 20 hours of non-eating and four hours of eating. Do this, in addition to eating food low in carbohydrates. This protocol has worked for our clients,” Dr Ayodele said.

Ayodele Herbals has numerous clients and has reversed Diabetes Naturally for numerous patients around the word.

One of the participants, Mrs Catherine from Kenya said “It’s been a great pleasure and privilege having this erudite medical personnel for brilliant and educative submission on this global phenomenon. I’ve been well equipped better and Looking forward to next edition.

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