How important is Sadiq Umar to Almeria?

How important is Sadiq Umar to Almeria?

The Slim sleaky tall lanky Sadiq Umar who have scored 21goals in all competitions this season has been an influential player for Almeria, it could be recalled that last week he was not on parade with his team hence, his team lost 2 goals to 1 in that encounter.

Research has proven that Sadiq Umar has been the goal poacher of Almeria football club and quest to return back to the early clique La Liga.

Sadiq Umar who just got invitation to the super eagle but the club refused bluntly knowing fully well, according to the club.

Sadiq Umar is needed to prosecute 3 consecutive match for his team in other for them to gain promotion to the elite league.

The team actually stated their cogent reason why they don’t want to miss their star player in their next 3 matches if he honors the national team invitation

Sadiq Umar who has been in a brilliant form since he joined Almeria football club, former player of A.S Roma, former player of glassglow rangers in Scotland,former player of Parizan Bagrade in the Serbian league.

Now with Almeria, time will tell if Sadiq Umar will still be the colour of Almeria next season as lots of clubs are actually justing for his signature, lets see what the future holds for the star player Sadiq Umar the Kaduna born player.

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