Modena, local scouts converge for Amapro Football Tournament

Modena, local scouts converge for Amapro Football Tournament

Local and International football scouts have converged in Ilorin for the Amapro Football Tournamen organised by Phreestyle Sports to select talented footballers for international opportunities.

The tournament started on Monday 23rd August at Kwara Stadium Complex.

Speaking at the Press Conference, Coordinator of the competition Shogo Shodunnke said that the tournament is also an opportunity at empowering the youths.

“This football competition amongst the teams will be a unique concept which will be centered on discovering talented footballers,” the Phreestyle CEO said.

“The tournament will be used as a means to empower the youths as they show the stuff in them.

“Teams will have an opportunity to ensure that their players are scouted,” he said.

Modena scout Diego Failla and UK based Intermediary Benedict Eni were present at the Press Conference held in Elite Hotel.

“Africa is a window to scout players. I hope to see some raw talents and enjoy my stay here in Nigeria,” Fialla mused.

According to Eni who is a UK based Intermediary, the objective is to have partnership with clubs abroad.

“I don’t go to clubs and compel them to sign these players. I only approach them for partnership. Some clubs have their conditions which I have to agree with,” he explained.

“We request for players we can develop, grow and sell. Football is business. No club in Bulgaria want to keep Lionel Messi. If they find the next Messi, these teams want to sell him. Every club wants to sell including Real Madrid. Clubs want to identify talents they can grow and sell.”

“Scouts will tell you they want U18 and U19 lads. I’m an agent who needs good players,” he added.

Action continue on Tuesday morning when players try to impress scouts on ground at the Amapro Football Tourney in Ilorin.

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