NFF Elections: Afolabi Olugbenga reels out uncommon masterplan for Nigeria football

NFF Elections: Afolabi Olugbenga reels out uncommon masterplan for Nigeria football

As Nigeria Football Federations elections draw nearer, the waves of names and changes have been hitting the airwaves but the youthful Afolabi Olugbenga whose hat is already in the ring has stick out like a sore thumb.

Armed to the tooth, Afolabi, is an astute football administrator and a silent achiever who’d seen it all in football circle, has been involved in organising, preserving and upholding the integrity of the game most especially in the apex league of the land.

The Osun born technocrat who is aiming to become an executive board member (South West) has received blessings from creme de la crème of Nigeria’s football towards September 30th election. He’s out to improve football from grassroots and he believes the perfect time is now.

“I see this call as an opportunity and I feel the time has come for me to pursue and maximize the opportunity that is more aligned with my aspiration.

“My mission is to strictly develop grassroots football as it’s also in alignment with top contenders for the apex seat.

“Therefore, it is not too early to contribute my quota to the development of football up there. I have the capacity to do things differently and get the desired results as per grassroots football development.

“Topmost priority must be placed on grassroots football development. This is where all players should start. It is the heart and soul of players development. Nigeria as a country is endowed with amazing football talents.

“We ought to priotize proper grassroots football development, this guarantees a continuous success at all levels of football. In this modern day football, talent is not enough, it must be properly nutured and managed towards maximum potential.

“I believe and urge the congressmen to vote for competence, passion, trust, vibrance and loyalty.” He concluded.

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