NFF top brass, Ahmed Fresh tags NLO ‘most important league in Nigeria’

NFF top brass, Ahmed Fresh tags NLO ‘most important league in Nigeria’

The newly elected Executive Committee member of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and Chairman of Chairmen, Ahmed Yusuf Fresh, has stated that the Nation-wide League One (NLO), is the most important League in the Country.

Ahmed Fresh made the unpopular statement, which is against popular opinion by few football stakeholders, during the 2022 edition of the NLO Super 8 Championship in Lagos, held at the Legacy pitch, last Sunday.

Before now there has been a popular saying in the Nigeria Football circle, that the second tier league in Nigeria – Nigeria National League (NNL) is the most important, but the Chairman of Chairmen disagrees.

“Well for me NLO is the most important League in Nigeria, people say NNL but I disagree with that fact, because this is where you catch them young,’’ the former Referees Appointment Committee Chairman told newsmen.

He stressed further stating why the third tier league is crucial to the development of the round lethal game in Nigeria.

“You can see the two finalists look at the display of fantastic football they are giving us this evening.

“Most interestingly, the pitch panels. I’m happy with the branding.

“Yes it’s on TV for live streaming is good for our game is good for the league and this is exactly what we are asking for.

“To be sincere with you NLO are getting it right and I’m happy with the organization,”Fresh concluded.

Madiba FC of Lagos emerged Champions of the Super 8, after they defeated Mailantarki Care FC 1-0 in the final of the 2022 NLO Championship.

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