Public Health Expert, Ayodele Launches Book on Killer Disease Reversal

Public Health Expert, Ayodele Launches Book on Killer Disease Reversal

Health expert, Dr Isaac Ayodele has launched a 17 chapter health remedy book titled “66-Day Killer Disease Reversal”

The book as the title implies consists of helpful tips in reversing diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and other modern-era reversible killer diseases in 66 days.

Dr Ayodele at the book lunch explained that his motivation comes from the thought of giving back to society in his way having reversed such ailments as an ex-diabetic and helped more than 5,000 people to reverse theirs.

He said “The demise of my father who was gruesomely murdered by Benjamin Adekunle in the civil war as a gallant soldier who fought for Nigeria without compensation to the family propelled me to give this gift to humanity to immortalize him by myself, being the only child of my dad.

“I earlier plotted to wound the soul of Nigeria, but I later changed my mind to do good to humanity.

“That was the reason I wanted to take sports in my state (Ekiti) to a world-class level as a two-time Chairman of the Sports Council and Football. But this is the bigger picture.”

Dr Ayodele who holds a D.Sc degree in Public Health from the Atlantic International University, AIU in the United States has written more than 30 books on health, wellness and lifestyles.

More than 250 people from different countries attended the virtual book launch which was moderated from the United Kingdom by the renowned International motivational speaker, Dr Dayo Olomu, chairman of the chartered institute of personnel development, South London.

One million copies of the book have been released worldwide in the first instance for the next ten days, free of charge, but any donation for the cause of killer disease reversal research will be accepted, Dr Ayodele reiterated.

The book can be accessed through

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