What Nigerian football experts say about Niger Tornadoes’ Boss, Honourable Adamu Aliyu

What Nigerian football experts say about Niger Tornadoes’ Boss, Honourable Adamu Aliyu

Chairman of Niger Tornadoes, Honourable Adamu Aliyu’s beliefs in making things work for the club can not be overlooked, that’s why former Flying Eagles and Eaglet Coach, John Obuh who was a household name during his time with Tornadoes had this to say.

“The best thing to have happened to Niger Tornadoes was the coming of
Honourable Adamu Aliyu.

“He is a well-respected administrator, embedded in humility who came after Ten Ten and did very well for the club. Immediately he came with his vast knowledge, experience and humility, he stabilised everything about the club.

“The results started coming, and the coaches, players and supporters were well-harmonized, same with the Niger State Sports Council as everyone was working towards the same goal and successes were recorded under his leadership.

“I had a good working relationship with him, as he never for once interfered with my MatchDay programme, as he gives me the needed environment for me to succeed.

“Am not surprised that after I left the club, Niger Tornadoes has done remarkably well under him. I want to wish him success in his challenge as he got it on merit going by his pedigree which speaks volumes.”

Vice Chairman of Niger Tornadoes Musa Ibrahim Matane

“When were inaugurated as Tornadoes Management Committee(TMC), the mandate given to us by the State Government was to ensure that club get promoted to the NPFL from NNL.

“That we did as Tornadoes finished top of its group, was impressive at the NNL Super 8 PlayOff in Enugu, as it went ahead to emerge champions after claiming a promotion ticket.

“Tornadoes under the leadership of Honourable Adamu Aliyu is not a ‘One Man Show, he carried each member along to achieve the set goals for the club.

“We can achieve the mandate given to us by the Niger State Government and surpass it.

“I want to Honourable Adamu Aliyu for his prudent management of the funds from the state government, despite the world economic challenges owing to the COVID-19 virus, he and his management team were still able to run the club successfully.”

Barrister Isaac Danladi, Chairman NPFL Club Owners and Chairman Nasarawa United

“Honourable Adamu Aliyu is a good friend and personality I have known for over two decades in football administration. We have indeed come a long way, and he has been able to stabilise Niger Tornadoes over the years, employing his managerial skills to successfully manage the fortunes of the club.

“He’s a frontline member of the Club Owners Association, a team player and popularly referred to as ‘Mr Fix It, owing to his good crisis management skills.

“Honourable Adamu Aliyu is eloquent and possesses effective communication skills and has turned the club from ‘grass to grace. Little wonder he made his second coming to the club following his reappointment after he was relieved of the post. He is dedicated, honest, straightforward and above all, has the fear of God in him.

“The government and people of Niger State should be proud and lucky to have such a personality like Honourable Adamu Aliyu at the helm of affairs of Tornadoes. I continue to wish Honourable Adamu Aliyu the best in his endeavours and ask the state government to continue to support him in the progress of the club.

“As Chief Personal Secretary to the Niger State Governor, HIS Excellency, I believe he has been able to use his skills to the best and as a good public servant, has employed the same in the running of the day-to-day operations of Niger Tornadoes.

“Continue to do well for the state and Tornadoes, Honourable Adamu Aliyu, as I wish you well and may God in his infinite mercy continue to bless

Yanagi A Baba 1st Vice Chairman Niger State Football Association

“I have known him since his involvement in football, Honourable Adamu Aliyu is a man of integrity. He relates with the FA on football matters concerning Niger Tornadoes.

“I have a cordial relationship with him, as interim head of the FA, I was in charge of organising and taking care of their home matches.

“Honourable Adamu Aliyu is also a loyal member of the Niger FA Football Congress, him being the Chairman of the Premier League club.

“He has done a fantastic job in Tornadoes and left his mark at the club as he has never at any time not related any challenges Tornadoes faced to the FA, at the end, we proffer solutions to them.

We have seen a rich club like Kano Pillars getting relegated to the NNL, while with limited funds, Honourable Adamu Aliyu made sure Tornadoes beat the drop.

“On the personal ground, I take him as an elder brother and he has also reciprocated the same gesture to me. I have so many beliefs in Honourable Adamu Aliyu; as in years to come, he will achieve a lot with Tornadoes.

It will further interest you to note that since the inception of Tornadoes in 1977, he did change the narratives of the club as it became a professionally administered club.

He was the first Chairman to introduce preseason camping for the team and purchased training jerseys squad after termed it as an eyesore with the kind of kits the players were having seasons with, which for him was not good for the Niger Tornadoes brand.

Going into that season, he introduced a partnership with customized kits for the team.

Travelling long distances by road is one big headache for clubs owing to the poor state of our Federal Highways, armed robberies, accidents and fatigue, under his leadership, Tornadoes now travel two days ahead for away matches. All with the view of ensuring the player’s and backroom staff’s safety and of course getting results on the road.

He then in the 2007/2008 season, increased travelling and bonus from N5,000 to N10,000 as the welfare of the team is also top of his priorities for the club.

In the 2015/2016 season, he increased travelling and bonus allowances from 10, 000 to 15,000. The following season (2016/2017) he increased the allowances again from 15,000 to 20,000 and that’s what the players are enjoying to date.

It’s on good record that Honourable Adamu Aliyu became the first chairman to voluntarily resign in 2008 when the league was at MatchDay 12 while the team was still topping the league and the first time Tornadoes had that luxury.

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