Yultide: Pray for Nigeria Unity, End to Corona Virus Pandemic- Amari tasks Christians

Yultide: Pray for Nigeria Unity, End to Corona Virus Pandemic- Amari tasks Christians

As the world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, Christians have been advised to use this period to pray for the peace and unity of this nation.

The Kogi state chairman, medical and health workers union of Nigeria, Comrade Amari Gabriel gave the advice on Thursday while felicitating with Christians on this special day.

Amari urged Nigerians to rededicate themselves to the virtues of peace, love, honesty, justice, equity, piety, humility and service to others.

He noted that such virtues were necessary if Nigeria must progress to the expected level.

The health experts urged Nigerians to renew their faith in God and remain dedicated to the course of national development in the true spirit of Christmas which epitomizes love, perseverance, patience, brotherly kindness and the spirit of sharing.

Amari stressed further that Nigeria is a nation which God has blessed and must not be allowed to go astray amidst the challenges bedeviling the unity of the country.

He also enjoined Nigerians to reach out in love and compassion to fellow Nigerians who were in distress at this period of the nation’s history.

The chairman particularly, urged them to remember victims of terrorism and insurgency in the country, especially Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

While praying for a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance, Amari said no doubt the year 2020 was grilled with up’s and down, Nigerians particularly kogites should not lose hope as there are betters days ahead if they continue to put their trust in God.

He also called on Nigerians to pray for leaders at all levels.

Amari, while calling on all stakeholders to join hands to put an head to the second wave of covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world today, he lauded health workers in the state for putting the lives at risk to safe the country from further spread of the pandemic.

He prayed that their sacrifices to their father land would never go in vein.

Amari assured health workers in the state that the struggle for better welfare continues even as they enter into the new year, until victory is ascertained.


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