Ayodele Herbals Psychotherapy Centre Launches Programme to Reverse Diseases

Ayodele Herbals Psychotherapy Centre Launches Programme to Reverse Diseases

Despite concerted efforts targeted at getting rid of them by health practitioners, debilitating ailments remain a profound problem globally, because a growing number of them are becoming harder to treat and the common approaches to curing them have become less effective.

For the fact that stubborn problems require stubborn solutions, Ayodele Herbals Psychotherapy Centre has introduced a new programme to tackle ailments that defy all known solutions to nip them in the bud. It is the new Disease Reversal Programme.

The Disease Reversal Programme seeks to offer holistic wellness to individuals who have lost confidence in the regular treatment options as it has been discovered that most health issues come from both the mind and the body. Sedentary lifestyles, depression, suicidal thoughts, and bad habits among others are examples of health defects that have rendered many people disabled and vulnerable.

Dr. Isaac Ayodele, chief executive officer of Ayodele Herbals, the organization that drives the psychotherapy centre offers more insight into how the new programme works.

According to him, “Mental health does not connote madness. No one is mad. They only have mental challenge. Society stigmatizes and discriminates against them. This is not fair.”

“So, we go holistic to diagnose and treat the disease of the mind to see that the disease in the body gradually heals.”

Dr. Ayodele, a public health, and herbal psychotherapy expert further revealed that the Disease Reversal Programme would be generally virtual, off line and onsight, but would require for would-be patients to register to get treatment. After the registration, he added, the individual will undergo some diagnosis which adopts evidence-based test and assessment that will be processed in a laboratory before the treatment procedures. No treatment before diagnosis.

Registration to be part of the programme is in three categories: Platinum, Gold and Silver and distance is no barrier since it is predominantly online, offline and onsight.

Ayodele Herbals has been in the business of reversing health problems for close to three decades, and it has put smiles on the faces of myriad of people within this period.

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