2022 ANSA World Cup: Over N250,000 Cash Prizes To Be Won

2022 ANSA World Cup: Over N250,000 Cash Prizes To Be Won

The Association of Nigerian Student Authors (ANSA) in collaboration with the National Association of Young Authors (NAYA) and the Global Association of Young Authors (GAYA), have concluded plans to hold the 2022 ANSA World Cup.

Billed as the most seismic battle of wits in modern literature, staged in the 21st century’s grandest and most compelling literary theatre, the ANSA World Cup offers young writers from across the globe the opportunity to showcase their writing skills and get rewarded for doing what they know how to do best.

A statement by Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu, Founder, Emeritus President, Life Patron & Board Chair of ANSA, NAYA and GAYA), said participants’ entries for the ANSA World Cup competition have been opened from November 7 to December 7, 2022.

Obohwemu described the 2022 ANSA World Cup as ‘A Battle Like No Other’ with over N250,000 (Two hundred and Fifty thousand naira) up for grabs!

“It is the unique nature of ANSA to help us see in ourselves our latent gifts and abilities, our talents just beneath the surface of our consciousness, hovering about among our hopes and dreams, our aspirations and our heartfelt wishes.

”We want young aspiring writers to cherish these moments, for they are real and pure.” Dr. Obohwemu said.

On his part, Maymunah Kadiri, the ANSA National President, emphasised the need to equip oneself with the habit of learning, consistent writing, editing and rewriting; if one must write brilliantly

“Learning the magic of writing takes discipline, alongside the exploration of your muse. In order to write brilliantly, you have to equip yourself with the habit of learning, consistent writing, editing and rewriting.

”This is a habit that ANSA harnesses cleverly, making sure to probe into innate talents, and in the process producing equisite young writers,” Kadiri said.

He said that the ANSA World Cup is proudly sponsored by PENKUP FOUNDATION.


  1. Register as a member of ANSA at www.ansa.com.ng (registration is absolutely free)
  2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://YouTube.com/c/penkup
  3. Follow our other social media channels: Twitter: @ansa_nigeria @penkup_stores
    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ansa.com.ng https://facebook.com/penkup.stores*
    Instagram: @ansa_nigeria, @penkup.stores
  4. Make a short video introducing yourself to us. Tell us why you want to participate in this contest and how far you think you can go. You don’t need to be tech savvy… Just use your phone camera and talk to us!
    Video should be less than 30 seconds, ending with the words, “ANSA… for the love of writing”.
  5. Send us this video and we’ll post it on our YouTube channel.

Take steps 1-5 above and you’ll automatically qualify for the competition.

Registration period,:

He advised interested participants to join the group chat to get started on:

To win extra prizes even before the competition begins, follow the steps below:

  1. Share your video (YouTube link will be provided) with friends, family, and everyone you know.
  2. Participants with the most engaging videos (likes, comments, shares, etc) will win a cash prize of N10,000 guaranteed.
    We’re all winners at ANSA. Let’s help you discover the fun in writing!

ANSA… for the love of writing.


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