All is set for Abraysports talent hunt in Kwara

All is set for Abraysports talent hunt in Kwara

.. Expect Abray Stadium soonest – Chairman
… Says Kwara born players make 70% of Abray FC

By Abdul Momoh

The Chairman of Abray Football Club of Ilorin, Abdullahi Yusuf has said everything is set for the scouting program of the club which is expected to start in Ilorin next month.

Yusuf stated this Saturday while answering questions from our reporter in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

According to him, ‘it has been my passion to grow football in Kwara State hence the rationale behind the forth coming scouting event .’

“Everything is set now for the scouting event. We are just waiting for it to begin. Already we have 10 teams that are participating and is going to be for 5 days event. The scouts are coming from Sweden and England.

” Football business has gone global and its a big business venture. So why can’t we cut out of the apple everybody is getting. Ilorin should have the opportunity of having scouts to come and pick good players,” the Kwara born ex footballer said.

He added that scouting for players in Nigeria has always restricted to Lagos State hence the need to break the trend and bring it down to Kwara state.

“Football talent hunt used to be in Lagos before, and think it is high time we bring it down to Ilorin. Ilorin is our home, let see how many players they can get when they come. This coming scouting event will be one of the many we will be doing.

” We are in full synergy with the Kwara State Football Association and they have been fantastic and supportive. There is going to be press conference on the 14th of June at the FA Secretariat which will heralds the scouting program, ” he stressed.

The Abraysport boss further added that all is set for the construction of Abray stadium in the state as he hoped to see Abray Football club in the Nigerian top league soonest.

“Abray FC should be expected at the top league in soonest time. I want to have my own stadium in Kwara very soon. Football is a big business and we have to put the needed infrastructure on ground. Hopefully in soonest time Abray stadium will be built.

” Football has been my life. I played for Pako FC, Kwara stars, Julius Berger before I travelled out. I played FSB Frankfurt in Germany, Hufanbry kickers. I played for 5 season abroad before I stopped playing.

“Football development has evolved in Kwara. It is a process and we will get there. When I came back home, I scouted for players across Kwara and we noted that the state is blessed with exceptional players that can play anywhere.

” So the composition of Abray football club is 70 pee cent of indigenous players because you have to sell your own to the world. It will be my joy by tomorrow to see players from Kwara state playing at top globs abroad, ” Yusuf said.

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