Book Launch: Ayodele set to release ’66-Day Killer Disease Reversal’ Book

Book Launch: Ayodele set to release ’66-Day Killer Disease Reversal’ Book

There seems to be a lasting solution on how to combat and reverse killer diseases threatening lives among old and young people.

A specialist in public health and a survivor of one of those killers diseases through the reverse process, Dr Isaac Ayodele has put together a book titled ’66-Day Killer Disease Reversal’.

The 17-Chapters book which has modus for healthy leaders also provided remedies that reverse diseases like diabetes, obesity and diseases of modern times in 66 days.

Speaking ahead of the virtual launch fixed for Tuesday, 9th of March, 2021, Dr Ayodele said the book was borne out of his continuous desire to touch humanity positively adding that the book will be made free for all to find a lasting solution to diseases that have been tagged as ‘killer diseases’.

He disclosed that the book launch will be held virtually on Tuesday adding that a ‘one-minute form will be released to the public which will make them get a copy of the book, which they should read within one to three days and take action immediately.

“It has become necessary to propagate the new medicine globally, there is inside of your cells 700 trillion volts of energy, dormant and waiting to be activated, there is also power inside you to heal you and that you have to activate the voltage to reverse your disease.

‘This book is a 66-Day Killer Disease Reversal programme to help you activate the disease afflicting humanity and it’s edited by Yubie Uko of the famous Fame Magazine days,” he said.

Dr Ayodele who was a two time chairman of Ekiti State Sports Council and a current director of League Management Company, LMC said the desire to affect lives through health was a bigger picture of what he’s doing to humanity through sports.

“The demise of my father who was gruesomely murdered in the civil war without compensation to the family propelled me to give this gift to humanity to immortalize him by myself.

“I earlier plotted to wound the soul of Nigeria, but I later changed my mind to do good to humanity.

“That was the reason I wanted to take sports in my state (Ekiti) to world-class as a two time Chairman of the Sports Council and Football. But this is the bigger picture.”

The 57-year-old Dr Ayodele has written over 30 books on health and wellness.

He holds D.Sc in Public Health from the Atlantic International University, AIU in the USA.

The veteran sports administrator has
received many recognitions and awards as a public health experts which include the United Nations/Carbon Credit Ambassador, A member of Distinguished Technological Council, Green Millionaire Award, Fellow, Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine, Leader of Football in Ekiti State among others.

Dr. Isaac Ayodele intends to release one million copies of his 66-Day Killer Disease Reversal book within the first 7 to 10 days of release.

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