Cal-Maji Foundation Celebrates Boxing Day with Orphans in Kogi State

Cal-Maji Foundation Celebrates Boxing Day with Orphans in Kogi State

Cal-Maji Foundation a nongovernmental organization gifted visited Orphanage Homes across Kogi state to mark this year Boxing day. This year project which was tagged “Feed A Thousand Initiative” #FATKogi.

The aim behind the project was to feed a total of 37,000 vulnerable people across Nigeria during this year festive period with at least 1000 per state.

Kogi was not left out as the team visited Orphanage homes in Lokoja and Okene respectively with food items, toiletries and the likes in celebration with the Orphans on boxing day.

The State Project Team Lead, Kareem Abdulraheem Onivehu in his remarks during the visitation to the Orphanage home expresses the foundation passion, drives to identify with the Orphans and appreciate their existence.

Kareem charges the Orphans not to get discouraged and see themselves as a strong inclusive members of the society who also has the right to live well, relates with others outside their homes, and enjoy all freedom, benefits which every other members of the society derives in their environment.

He said Cal-Maji Foundation and her sister organization will keep on sharing the light of love even outside the periods of festivities; “We are determined to serve humanity through various sustainable approach, means within our capabilities, we have such a beautiful and good hearted people, volunteers, partners always at the call to service in identifying with people in need such as the Orphans, the vulnerable and all other categories of people in this circle in our society”.

The NGO appreciate all their partners (IbiFoundation, HassanAbdul Foundation) for their support and the local organization who joined volunteers (YALIKogi, Activista Kogi, SI4Dev, Bridge Inspire Foundation…)in the outreach to the various orphanage homes.

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