Dignitaries Converge For 30 Days Sugar Detoxification Therapy Webinar

Dignitaries Converge For 30 Days Sugar Detoxification Therapy Webinar

Top Government functionaries and prominent personalities were in attendance as health expert, Dr. Isaac Ayodele tutored people on “30 days Sugar Detoxification therapy”

The webinar which ought to have been held in 2020 was put forward to the new year and it met up to expectations.

At the event, people from different parts of the world were delightfully on ground to gain from the wealth of experience which has been garnered over the years by the health expert.

The Moderator, Rasheed Bello from Abuja, multimedia personnel Mr Yubie Uko and top health consultant Madam Ifeyinwa Nnoyelu were also in attendance among host of others.

Apart from the support team from some African countries, the teams in USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands and few other countries of the world were in attendance.

The author of weekly health tips “Larger Than Life”, Dr Ayodele noted that helping people with heath recommendations and therapy is one of his own little ways of touching lives.

During the session, The Evil that Sugar Wrecks in Human System’ was identified and discussed along with remedies. According to Dr. Ayodele, “a lot of what people eat is processed. We pay no attention to what we eat and no idea about how much sugar is hidden in our food.”

He disclosed that, to break the habit of sugar takes three protocols. First is destruction of sugar. Second is installation of healthy eating habit and third is integration of the new eating habit.

Participants went into a challenge of practical sessions of 30 days duration of detoxification to get rid of excess sugar that has made our lives miserable health wise.

The 30 days challenge began in the midnight of Monday, 10th January, 2021 to end on Tuesday, 9th February, 20.

Dr. Ayodele and his team revealed that the numerous diseases that we struggle to cure are mostly as a result of excess sugar in the body.

“Excess Sugar should be blamed for most of the diseases. When you eat sugary foods, processed foods and high carbohydrates, it is converted to glucose, and the more you eat, the more the glucose produced. Too much glucose will increase your insulin. Too much insulin will prevent insulin from transporting glucose or essential nutrients to your cells

“The cells will go through starvation; the various organs will lack nutrients, the immunity will continuously go low and low. This is the cause of Diabetes and other related ailments.

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