Engr. Oluwasegun Joseph: An exceptional torchbearer from Okun extraction

Engr. Oluwasegun Joseph: An exceptional torchbearer from Okun extraction

By Prime Abubakar Asuku.

Engineer. Oluwasegun Joseph, a civil engineer by profession and a staunch advocate of the New Direction Government can best be described as a leading light of a progressive politics in Kogi West, a fact obvious to all in the zone.

From Igbaruku/Iyameta/ Odoara Ward in Yagba West Local Government Area of Kogi State, Engineer Oluwasegun is a born philanthropist and grassroot politician who has a wider political reach across Kogi State.

He is an apostle of Youth Empowerment thereby engaging all Kogi Youths through various initiatives, the Engineer is an advocate of Youth Liberation, Bridge builder and an ardent supporter of Good Governance under the leadership of our great Madiba in person of Gov. Yahaya Bello.

As a community developer and a go getter, his love towards humanity is unmatchable, this outstanding quality of him, everybody secretly admired.
His resilience, courage, vibrance and kind-hearted nature has earned him so much love across board .

The man believes in team work and unity, and has always emphasized these traits as the key ways to ensure the success of the present Administration.
This means he has understood and under studied the strength in togetherness.
He is no doubt an honest man and posseses an unassuming integrity and humility.

He is spiritually disciplined and as a believer in God, he has an uncompromising political life style, he has in his humbleness always said power and riches belongs to God, and the decision to ‘will’ power to anybody belong to the people, thus his greatest strength is in the masses.

Aside dependability, he is reliable, hard-working and a passionate leader which his traits and vision speaks volume.

Engineer Oluwasegun is an advocate and staunch supporter of the new direction Government and the presidential bid of his Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

The Engineer has been a party man who has worked tirelessly for the success of the All Progressives Congress in subsequent elections and has been mobilizing across the country through his wife network for Governor Yahaya Bello to become President come 2023.

Engineer Oluwasegun Joseph is one man who Kogi State, Kogi West and the present Administration is lucky to have by their sides considering his pragmatic nature and wealth of experience.

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