Ex Heartland Coach Hails Sports Ministry on NPFL Resumption

Ex Heartland Coach Hails Sports Ministry on NPFL Resumption

Former Heartland FC and Niger Tornadoes Coach, Erasmus Onu has hailed the efforts of the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development in Nigeria, Sunday Dare, for his tremendous work on restarting the League, most especially the introduction of Content to the League.

The 2020/2021 NPFL season finally kick-started on Sunday with mouth-watering actions from different centers all across the country, which also carried some interesting and ventilating contents, where there was the creation of NPFL TV platforms, which enabled the League control it’s content, as well as helping fans view their respective teams from across the world.

In an interview with Sports247, Erasmus Onu took some time out to commend the great efforts of the Youth and Sports Development Minister for his great effort of restarting the League, after it looked as though it wouldn’t get started, as well as hailing the innovative content as well, which was being brought out for the League. He also commended and hailed the League Management Company (LMC) for carrying out the desires and wishes of the Minister in restarting the League as well as enforcing the content initiative, saying that he is fully impressed with both parties (The Minister and the LMC).

“Kudos to the Minister, I want to thank the Sports Minister for the way and manner he has gone, regarding the League. I want to appreciate him, for the fact that he said they should restart the League and they (The LMC) did so. I listened to his interview the last time and on the 27th (on Sunday), the League started. I watched the content he was talking about, some people were making a mockery of it that the content is stupid, but what he (the Minster) actually meant was the League in its content”

“You can see in week one, radio is carrying it, TV is carrying it, they now have NPFL TV, you can now google online and know what the League is all about. The League needs content, I want to thank the Sports Minister, who talked about the licensing of the players, there is a mandate given to the players, you could see the manner the minister went about it, he talked about the facilities, he said the stadiums would be put in order, which he did, I want to thank him a lot for that”

“I want to thank LMC too for adhering to the instructions of the minister. Sunday Dare has done well. Over the years, We have ministers who are not concerned about what happens in the League. Had it been they were concerned, we could have had a wonderful league by now. I have coached the NPFL for more than 15 years and I have coached so many NPFL teams. In week one, some teams won away, some drew away from home and nothing happened, we pray that the officiating will continue that way”.

“Sunday Dare has written his name in the hands of time, he has definitely done well”, he concluded.

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