Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu 2023: Segun Olobatoke; An ambassador of new ideas

Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu 2023: Segun Olobatoke; An ambassador of new ideas

It is often said that the golden fish has no hiding place. This saying makes so much meaning in today’s Nigeria where the dearth of leadership has been attributed to the perennial under-development that has for decades held the country by the jugular.

Hardly is there any part of the country not affected by the common challenges of insecurity, unemployment, growing poverty, dilapidation in infrastructure and generally depleting system.

It is gratifying to note that Kogi State under the leadership of a young, dynamic and visionary leader, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is setting the pace and redefining true leadership in all parts of the state and different sectors.

There is no gainsaying that the efforts of the governor deserves as much support as it can get for sustainability and continuity. This is why a true son of the land, a loyal party man, a committed youth and outstanding entrepreneurs, Segun Olobatoke has come in to be the bridge the people of Kabba-Bunu-Ijumu Federal Constituency of Kogi State are yearning for.

The people have for long regaled in poor, ineffectual and selfish representation, making it the mockery of others. The people are craving for a man who understands where the shoe pinches, a man who is in touch with his constituents and a man who has a good track record of mutual relationship with the people.

Segun Olobatoke stands out as a bridge builder and an ambassador of fresh ideas that will accelerate development in Kabba-Bunu-Ijumu. He is unique and different. He radiates honour, integrity, empathy and productivity.

He does not dine in the same table with those who have frittered the people’s good will away, betrayed their trust and have only their own personal interests met. It is laughable that the same agents of backwardness and harbingers of darkness who have been on the corridor of power for dunkey years without any scintilla of achievement to show for it are still lurking around, attempting to deceive the people, as it is their stock in trade.

One man stands tall who will not joke with the massive empowerment of our young people in a way that will not only improve their living standards but reduce crime and criminality in our land.

One man stands tall who will be the mouthpiece of the people of Kabba-Bunu-Ijumu federal constituency at the hallowed chamber of the House of Representatives, not for his interest and that of his cronies but for the overall benefit of the people he so loves and makes sacrifices for.

It is often said that one requires no mirror to have a full glare of a ring won in the hand. No further conviction is required to prove to anyone about his enviable credentials to bring prosperity to the people.

A builder and creator of wealth who has through God’s mercy and grace carved a niche for himself as an entrepreneur with a visible means of livelihood and not those whose entire life is riddled with unanswered questions of shenanigans.

What else? God has given him all that he needs but he is deeply touched by the fact that he can touch more lives with a larger platform, he has made himself available to be sent as the representative of his people of Kabba-Bunu federal constituency of Kogi State.

A good product needs no advert. Segun Olobatoke’s works in his personal capacity as a fulfilled man who has enjoyed God’s abundant grace and a servant who has as a private individual been a champion of development in his community is there for all to see.

This is why the call must be reiterated that as the race for who represents the people at the House of Representatives gradually takes its full swing, delegates of the APC must be part and parcel of that new idea that will make Kabba-Bunu-Ijumu the envy of other constituencies in the country.

God will use them to bring that permanent turnaround our people have for so long yearned for. They must be that very vessel to be used to elect a credible and trusted flag bearer who will stand as candidate of the party in the upcoming election in the federal constituency.

A man who will not toy with the future of our children by creating an enabling environment for their study, a man who will take the security of his people with utmost seriousness, a man who understands the value of infrastructure in economic development, a man whose word is his bond.

A delegate vote for Olobatoke is a vote for trust, transparency and responsible representation. Kabba-Bunu-Ijumu, let’s take our constituency back. Let’s reset it and put it in the path of progress and prosperity of the people.

The time for a new constituency we will all be proud of is now.

Vote Segun Olobatoke for Kabba-Bunu-Ijumu Federal Constituency.

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